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Terms and Conditions

1.        Anyone using this website mustclearly understand and agree to the following “Terms and Conditions”.


2.        Membership Policy

The 3armystoreoperates as a membership system and all customers need to register as membersor provide accurate and required information before they can shop online.Customers must complete the information and ensure that the information is fullyaccurate and complete. If the information is incomplete or inaccurate, thecustomer is responsible for all risks.


3.        Privacy Policy

The3armystore only collect, hold and use personal information required for itsoperation and related activities. The 3armystore does not use your personaldata for any other purposes without your prior consent unless such use ispermitted or required by law.


4.        Price Unit

Hong KongDollars (HKD) is the only transaction currency accepted by the 3armystore. The 3armystoredoes not accept currency of other countries or regions. All products are pricedin Hong Kong Dollars (HKD).


5.        Order cannot be changed orcancelled

Once theorder is confirmed, it cannot be changed or cancelled. All orders must besubject to the final verification of the 3armystore.


6.        Information accuracy

The 3armystoreattempts to ensure that the information on the website is complete, accurateand up-to-date. Despite the 3armystore's hard work, any information on thewebsite may be incorrect, incomplete or outdated. The 3armystore does not makeany representations or assume any responsibility for the completeness, accuracyor up-to-date status of any information on the website.


7.        Not for commercial resale

The 3armystoreis the user of the sales target. Without the consent of the 3armystore, no onemay purchase the goods of the 3armystore for commercial resale. The 3armystoremay terminate the member's meeting and will not make any sales. All rightsreserved.


8.        Product or color difference

Differentdisplay screens may have different colors, and different material surfacetextures may reflect light differently. Therefore, customers should understandthat the actual color or shape of the product is not necessarily the same asthat displayed on the display screen. Therefore, the goods will be subject tothe real product.


9.        Shipping arrangement

The 3armystorewill ship with a reputable express 3armystore. If the customer provides thewrong consignee's name, wrong or incomplete address, and the goods cannot bedelivered, the 3armystore will cancel the order since it cannot be delivered. The3armystore will charge the relevant delivery fee and appropriate administrativefee from the customers. The remaining balance will be returned to thecustomer's account.


10.     Disclaimer

Customers aresolely responsible for all risks associated with the use of the website. Therelated services provided by the website are provided "as is" withoutwarranty of any kind, including commercial suitability, fitness for a particularpurpose and protection against the rights of others. Neither the 3armystoreguarantees the accuracy or completeness of the website or any content orinformation or services provided.


11.     Limited Liability

The 3armystoreis not responsible for any damage or poisoning of the computer system,communication equipment or other assets caused by the customer accessing, usingor browsing the website or downloading any content and materials from thiswebsite. In any case, the indirectness and particularity of the 3armystore'suse of the website, the results of the website's inability to use or use thewebsite, other websites linked to the website, or any content, information orservices contained in such websites, Punitive, sporadic, derivative or any formof damage (including but not limited to loss of income, information or businessinterruption), whether or not based on security, contract, tort (includingnegligence) or other legal principles, is not responsible And whether or not ithas been told that such damage may occur. If there is any problem with thewebsite or any content, the customer must agree that the only way to compensateis to stop using the website. Nothing in the Terms of Use restricts orexcludes, or intends to limit or exclude liability for incidents of personalinjury or death caused by our negligence, or liability for fraud.


12.     Minor

This websitemay be accessed and used only by persons who have entered into a statutoryrestraint agreement under applicable law. The design of the website is mainlyfor general readers, not for minors. Minors who access our website are requiredto obtain permission and assistance from their parents or legal guardians. Ifyou allow your child or a minor under your supervision to access this website,you are responsible for: (i) the online behavior of the minor; (ii) supervisingthe access of the minor and the way we use our website; (iii) the consequencesof using this website by a minor.


13.     In case of any dispute, the 3armystore reserves the final decision.


14.     The 3armystore reserves the right to update the “Terms andConditions” without prior notice.


15.     In the event of any discrepancy between the Chinese and Englishversions of the “Terms and Conditions”, the Chinese version prevails.