5.11 TDU BELT - 1.5" WIDE #59551

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1.5“TDU®皮帶可以快速方便地在各種環境中使用,是一種快速方便的戰術或巡邏皮帶,可快速轉換為安全繫帶或輔助皮帶。 5.11®TDU皮帶採用防撕裂尼龍製成,採用耐用的非金屬扣環,不會引爆金屬探測器,是航空旅行的理想選擇。 5.11 TDU腰帶符合人體工程學,價格實惠且功能強大,是您戰術或職責衣櫥的多功能選擇。


  • 符合人體工程學,價格合理,功能強大
  • 適合航空旅行
  • 可以轉換成繫帶或背帶
  • 褪色和抗撕裂

  • 加強尼龍織帶
  • 三重縫合增援
  • 非金屬扣

A quick and convenient tactical or patrol belt that excels in a wide range of environments, our 1.5” TDU® Belt can be quickly converted into a secure tie down or secondary carry strap. Crafted from rip-resistant nylon, the 5.11® TDU belt incorporates a durable non-metallic buckle that won't set off metal detectors, making it an ideal choice for air travel. Ergonomic, affordable, and highly functional, the 5.11 TDU Belt is a versatile addition to your tactical or duty wardrobe.


  • Ergonomic, affordable, and highly functional
  • Ideal for air travel
  • Can be converted into a tie down or carry strap
  • Fade and rip resistant


  • Strengthened nylon webbing
  • Triple stitched reinforcements
  • Non-metallic buckle