5.11 DOUBLE DUTY TDU BELT- 1.5" WIDE #59568

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雙層可翻轉設計提供兩種不同的顏色選擇,1.5“雙重負載TDU®皮帶在快速高效的設計中提供卓越的多功能性。 5.11®雙重皮帶採用防撕裂尼龍製成,採用耐用的非金屬扣環,不會引發金屬探測器,使其成為航空旅行和EOD的絕佳選擇。 簡單的螺紋皮帶尖端可確保快速打開和關閉,5排拼接可提供最大的穩定性。


  • 可逆雙層設計
  • 提供兩種顏色選項
  • 適合航空旅行,EOD安全
  • 耐用且耐撕裂


  • 雙層重型尼龍
  • 5排拼接,確保穩定性
  • 微調非金屬扣

With a dual-layer reversible design that offers two different color options, the 1.5” Double Duty TDU® Belt offers exceptional versatility in a quick and efficient design. Crafted from rip-resistant nylon, the 5.11® Double Duty Belt incorporates a durable non-metallic buckle that won't set off metal detectors, making it a great choice for both air travel and EOD. An easy thread belt tip ensures fast on and off, and 5 rows of stitching provide maximum stability.


  • Reversible dual-layer design
  • Provides two color options
  • Ideal for air travel, EOD safe
  • Durable and rip-resistant


  • Two-layer heavy duty nylon
  • 5 rows of stitching for stability
  • Micro-adjustable non-metallic buckle