5.11 TACLITE® PRO PANT #74273

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Taclite Pro褲子採用了Taclite®防撕裂面料製成,質地輕盈,經久耐用,經過精心設計,可在惡劣的野外環境,以及專業﹑休閒和其他環境中提供出色的舒適性和性能。SEAT位和膝蓋處的雙重加固以及TEFLON®表面處理確保您已準備好跑步﹑跪下﹑爬行和滿足您的工作需求。七個口袋,適合戰術使用,增強了工作和範圍的實用性。

  • 輕盈耐用的戰術褲
  • 適合戶外運營或休閒娛樂需求
  • 額外口袋,適合戰術使用
  • 6.14盎司滌綸/棉質Taclite防撕裂面料
  • 動作腰帶
  • 完全插角的褲襠
  • 雙重加固SEAT位和膝蓋(準備好護膝)
  • 在主要接縫和壓力點上進行調整,共計74個
  • 三重拼接
  • 帶子和斜杠的口袋
  • 髖部安裝的D形環
  • TEFLON完成
  • YKK®拉鍊
  • Prym®按扣

All but invincible, made from our Taclite® ripstop fabric, Taclite Pro Pants are lightweight, durable, and engineered to provide outstanding comfort and performance in harsh field conditions, professional, recreational, and otherwise. Bartacking, double-reinforcement at the seat and knees, and a TEFLON® finish ensure you're ready for the running, kneeling, crawling, and hustling your work demands. Seven pockets, sized for tactical use, enhance utility on the job and at the range. 


  • Lightweight, durable tactical pants
  • Ideal for operational or recreational outdoor demands
  • Extra pockets sized for tactical use


  • 6.14 oz. polyester/cotton Taclite ripstop fabric
  • Action waistband
  • Fully gusseted crotch
  • Double-reinforced seat and knees (kneepad ready)
  • Bartacking at major seams and stress points with a total of 74
  • Triple-stitching
  • Strap-and-slash seat pockets
  • Hip-mounted D-ring
  • TEFLON finish
  • YKK® zippers
  • Prym® snaps