ALTAMA 海上突擊靴 Maritime Assault Boot

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Altama海上突擊靴適用於所有戰術水上行動。 這款長統靴具有鰭片友好型貼合性,幾乎可以與全球軍方使用的任何潛水鰭片相配。
  • 適合所有戰術水上行動的海上突擊靴
  • 空氣網眼襯裡有助快速吸乾腳上的汗水1
  • ABS腳柄提供了穩定性和足夠支撐力
  • 防銹 lace hardware
  • 不吸水的Ultron PU輪廓鞋墊
  • 軍用高耐磨及快乾1000D Cordura物料
  • 前部非金屬排水孔可以把水輕鬆排出
  • 13.5盎司 (或385克)
Altama Maritime Assault Boot is made for all tactical water operations. With a fin friendly fit, this boot will fit just about any dive fin used by Militaries worldwide.
  • Maritime Assault Boot for all tactical water operations
  • Air mesh linings help wick away sweat and other moisture quickly from your foot
  • Full length one piece ABS shank provides stability and support when climbing a caving ladder
  • Non-shine rust-proof lace hardware
  • Ultron PU contoured insole will not absorb water
  • High abrasion quick drying 1000D Cordura quarter panels offered on both solid colors and Multicam
  • Front non-metallic drain ports allow for water to drain easily when flexing the boot
  • 13.5 Oz. (385g)