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CWU Pilot夾克採用100%尼龍外殼和絎縫尼龍襯裡保持舒適。 

早期的飛行夾克是由尼龍織物製成的,當飛機在火災中遇到火焰時,發現它們融化到飛行員身上。隨著材料和織物技術的改進,需要一種具有阻燃性的新夾克。這產生了1972年的CWU(寒冷天氣)36P和45P。這件夾克由NOMEX面料製成,有高貼袋,針織腰帶和袖口,拉鍊實用/鉛筆口袋和防火線,拉繩和拉鍊帶。 NOMEX是杜邦產品,以其出色的耐熱性,耐化學性和耐輻射性而聞名。一旦確定它干擾了安全設備,早期夾克的雙迴擺就被廢除了。今天空軍飛行員仍然獲得了CWU 36 / P和45 / P。阿爾法於1995年開始為軍隊生產夾克,並繼續製造它們超過五年。我們在1988年為商業市場製作了一個CWU45 / P的尼龍版本,並在20世紀90年代末推出了皮革版本。
  • 獨特的插筆臂袋,
  • 開口採用魔術貼設計的口袋
  • 面料經過防水處理
  • 拉鍊使用防風設計

Stay cozy with the 100% nylon outer shell and quilted nylon liner on our CWU Pilot jacket. Keep your belongings secure in our signature Alpha utility/pencil pocket and battle the elements with our CWU Pilot jacket’s lined cargo pockets/front zipper closure with storm flap.


The early flight jackets were made of nylon fabrics which were found to melt onto the pilot when he was subjected to flames encountered during an aircraft fire. As the technology of materials and fabrics improved, there was a need for a new jacket that would be fire-retardant. This gave rise to the CWU (Cold Weather Uniform) 36/P and 45/P in the 1972. The jacket, made of a NOMEX fabric featured high patch pockets, knit waistband and cuffs, zippered utility/pencil pocket and fire-resistant threads, drawstrings and zipper tapes. NOMEX is a Dupont product that is known for its excellent thermal, chemical,and radiation resistance. The bi-swing back of early jackets was done away with once it was determined that it interfered with safety equipment. Today Air Force pilots are still issued the CWU 36/P and 45/P. Alpha started producing the jackets for the military in 1995 and went on to make them for more than five years. We made a nylon version of the CWU45/P for the commercial market in 1988 and introduced a leather version in the late 1990s.


  • The CWU Pilot jacket features signature Alpha utility/pencil pocket and fully lined cargo pockets with Velcro closures, ideal for wallets and pocketknives
  • Our CWU Pilot jacket keeps you looking authentic & fashion-forward with an assortment of Velcro flight patches
  • The CWU Pilot jacket is water repellent and warm, due to a 100% nylon shell and quilted nylon lining. The front zipper closure with storm flap also ensures you’ll stay cozy during any adventure