G-1 U.S. Navy Flyer Bomber Jacket with Patches

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G-1夾克是1930年代美國海軍推出的。 G-1飛行員夾克的外套採用羊皮毛領設計,並帶有雙向擺動百褶動作後背,可進行更大範圍的移動。 G-1轟炸機夾克很快就獲得了與陸軍航空兵A-2夾克一樣聲名狼藉,因為它的知名度變得十分高,以至供不應求。 不過,G-1飛行夾克的受歡迎程度並沒有因此而消失,因為它仍在電影和電視中引起了公眾的關注,Cockpit USA自己的夾克在1986年的《壯志凌雲》(Top Gun) 中名列前茅。 一直持續到今天。

這件夾克的胸,袖和後背飾有一系列刺繡標誌,包括“天空勇士”,鷹和錨,“空中運輸中隊”以及代表不同任務組和不同小組的其他裝飾標貼。 內部飾有高端的絲印和刺繡“ The Nation Salutes You”印鑑,由美國駕駛艙特別設計。

  • 由100%軍用規格飛行尼龍綢緞製成
  • 縫襯裡有繡花和絲印
  • 羊皮毛領
  • 真實繡花貼章
  • 雙擺回
  • 擋風板前拉鍊
  • 兩個前翻蓋袋
  • 內部按扣口袋
  • 針織袖口和腰帶
  • 修身設計
  • 軍綠色
  • 美國製造
The G-1 jacket was introduced by the U.S. Navy during the 1930’s. The G-1 bomber jacket has a mouton collar fur, and features a bi-swing pleated action back that allows for a greater range of movement. Quickly achieving the same notoriety as the Army Air Corps A-2 jacket had, the G-1 bomber jacket was for a time discontinued by Congress because its commercial popularity had become so immense that it overwhelmed the supply. The G-1 flight jacket’s popularity didn’t fade, however, as it still caught the public eye in movies and television, with Cockpit USA’s own jackets being featured prominently in 1986's Top Gun. This enduring popularity has remained to this day.

Guaranteed to make a statement, this jacket is an original Cockpit USA interpretation of a G-1. This jacket is decorated with an array of embroidered emblems on the chest, sleeves and back including the "Sky Warriors", eagle and anchor, "Air Transport Squadron" and other decorative patches representing different task forces and groups. The interior features stunning silk-screened and embroidered "The Nation Salutes You" certificate specially designed by Cockpit USA.

  • Crafted from 100% military spec nylon flight satin
  • Quilted lining with an embroidered and silk-screened patriotic appliqué
  • Mouton shearling collar
  • Authentically embroidered patches
  • Bi-swing back
  • Front zipper over a wind flap
  • Two front flap pockets
  • Interior snap close pocket
  • Knit cuffs and waistband
  • This is a slim fit jacket, taking a size up is recommended
  • Available in sage
  • Proudly made in the USA