MWC G10 LM Stainless Steel Military Watch with 12/24 Hour Dial

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該G10LM是本屆MWC入門級的G10機型,是MWC G1050米電池艙蓋變形的略小更緊湊。雖然這款手錶在外觀上與其他一些廠商機型類似它在實際規格細節大不相同。例如,其中其他製造商手錶通常具有一對推底蓋這具有螺紋上底蓋這改善了耐水性,競爭者也經常使用有機玻璃晶體而MWC使用實際的玻璃,它是更耐刮擦和流線型的外觀。



    • 寬度:35毫米不含表冠和39毫米包括冠 
    • 晶體直徑:31.5毫米
    • 錶帶:18毫米軍用織帶(提供1×灰色和1個黑色)
    • 挑著挑著:42.5毫米
    • 厚度:11毫米
    • 重量48克
    • 外殼材料:不銹鋼
    • 底蓋:擰緊
    • 耐水性評價:50米/165英尺
    • 機芯:石英
    • 在包裝盒的背面帶有各種合同標記
    • 手錶在其原包裝錫交付並具有全面的工廠保證
    SKU Code: G10LM1224
    The G10LM is the current MWC entry level G10 model and is a slightly smaller more compact version of the MWC G10 50m battery hatch variant. Although this watch is similar in appearance to some other manufacturers models it is vastly different in the actual specification details. For example where other manufacturers watches usually have a push on caseback this has a screw on caseback which improves water resistance, competitors also frequently use perspex crystals whereas MWC use actual glass which is much more scratch resistant and streamlined in appearance. 

    The G10LM range consists of an extensive range of different variants which encompasses stainless steel, black PVD steel, models with both European pattern 12 hour dials and U.S pattern 12/24 hour dials as well as variants both with and without a date window and models with a choice of different strap colors, regardless of your exact needs check out the various options at this link G10LM Range

    Of course the biggest difference is the price because competing models from other manufacturers are priced at over twice the price of this watch.

      • Width: 35mm excluding crown and 39mm including crown 
      • Crystal diameter: 31.5mm
      • Strap: 18mm Military Webbing (Supplied with 1 x Grey and 1 x Black)
      • Lug to lug: 42.5mm
      • Thickness: 11mm
      • Weight 48g
      • Case Material: Stainless Steel
      • Caseback: Screw Down
      • Water Resistance Rating: 50m / 165ft
      • Movement: Quartz
      • The back of the case bears various contract markings
      • The Watch is delivered in its original packaging tin and has a full factory guarantee