MWC Mk III Stainless Steel 1950's Pattern 100m Water Resistant Automatic Military Watch

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限量版MWC的Mk III自動不銹鋼是從經典的50年代的設計成分的組合,其是根據國防部參考6B / 346的Mk XI具有現代特色融合英國國防部提出北約規格的手錶作為高耐水性評價等100米和氚GTLS管的無與倫比的夜晚性能。雖然這種手錶的錶殼設計,風格在過去所做的手錶非常類似該模型利用了10年的電池壽命現代低維護隆達715li石英機芯。



手錶有一個螺旋式底蓋和旋入式表冠; 它是高度精確的和非常穩健的,以及作為防水100米(330英尺)。

  • 直徑 - 38毫米EXC冠,40毫米INC冠
  • 水電阻100M
  • 厚度13毫米
  • 錶帶:18毫米北約
  • 運動:隆達715li


The Limited Edition MWC Mk III Automatic in stainless steel is a combination of design ingredients taken from the classic 1950s NATO specification watches which were made under UK Ministry of Defence reference 6B/346 Mk XI fused with modern features such as a high water resistance rating of 100m and tritium GTLS tubes for unbeatable night performance. Although this watches case design is very similar in style to the watches made in the past this model utilizes a modern low maintenance Ronda 715li quartz movement with 10 year battery life.

The reality is that with current budgetary constraints no modern military forces can afford watches of the quality of even our standard MKIII models when cheaper options can meet the needs but these models were designed based on suggestions from many clients who are either retired or serving military or working in Law Enforcement, Personal Protection or Security.

Its interesting to keep in mind that in the past the worlds forces regularly purchased Rolex, IWC, Omega, Longines and various other well known makes but unfortunately those days are long gone. This watch was created to be superior to any currently issues General Service Watch and no expense has been spared to create a superior quality product to offer the best of both worlds from the high performance modern movement to the brushed stainless steel 1950/60s design case which is manufactured and handfinished in Zurich. The quality of finish is visibly superior to any current military watches.

The watch has a screw caseback and screw down crown; it is highly accurate and very robust as well as being water resistant to 100m (330ft).


  • Diameter - 38mm exc crown, 40mm inc crown
  • Water Resistance 100m
  • Thickness 13mm
  • Strap: 18mm NATO
  • Movement: Ronda 715li