NEXTORCH GL20 激光鑰匙燈 GL20 2-in-1 Laser Keychain Light

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  • 光源:高性能LED
  • 亮度:4流明/60流明/频闪/激光(0.9mW)
  • 续航时间:10小时/1小时/--/10小时
  • 电池:内置可充电锂聚合物电池
  • 照射距离:19米
  • 材质:PC+ABS
  • 尺寸:60.3毫米(长)×33毫米 (宽)×11.5毫米 (高)
  • 重量:17.8克(含电池)
  • 抗摔高度:1米
  • 防水等级:IPX4

GL20 is a keychain LED light with a CE & FDA-cleared laser and two NICHIA 5mm LEDs delivering up to 60 lumens to provide unobstructed view. As a laser pointer, GL20 is perfect for outdoor leaders, businessmen, and lecturers to deliver presentations and talks. It can run over 10h powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, and a low battery indicator inside will be flashing when the battery is low. It is the best choice for everyday carry and a perfect gift for friends.

  • LED:5mm LED
  • Output:4 lm/ 60 lm/ Strobe/ Laser(0.9mW)
  • Runtime:10 h/ 1 h/ --/ 10 h
  • Battery:Built-in Rechargeable Polymer Lithium-ion Battery
  • Distance:19 m
  • Material:PC+ABS
  • Diameter:60.3 mm(Length)x 33 mm(Width) x 11.5 mm(Height)
  • Weight:16.3 g/ 0.57 oz(with battery)
  • Impact Resistance:1m
  • Water Resistance:IPX4