NEXTORCH GL20 UV多功能USB直充鑰匙燈 GL20 UV Rechargeable Key Light

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GL20 UV是一款集白光+ UV光於一體的多功能鑰匙燈。採用2顆高品質白光LED,高亮60流明,足以滿足日常照明需求;穿透力更強,檢測效果更精準的365nm紫外 光,適用於母嬰用品,化妝品,生活用品等的熒光劑檢測,鈔票,菸酒等的真偽鑑定。內置鋰聚合物電池,Micro USB直充設計,經濟環保。帶低電量提醒功能,輕鬆 掌握電量使用情況。酷炫時尚的外觀,僅17.5克的輕巧設計,GL20 UV是您日用照明,物品檢測,收藏送禮的理想之選。
  • 光源:LED
  • 亮度:4LM / 60LM / 365 nm
  • 續航時間:14小時/ 1小時/ 8小時
  • 電池:內置可充電鋰電池
  • 照射距離:7米/ 23米
  • 材質:外殼:ABS + TRR
  • 尺寸:60.3毫米(長)x33毫米(寬)x11.5毫米(高)
  • 重量:17.5克(含電池)
  • 抗摔高度:1米
  • 防水等級:IPX4

GL20 UV is a multi-function key light with white light and UV light in one, applying 2 high-quality white LED for max 60 lumens, able to meet various daily lighting needs. 365nm UV light with stronger penetrability and more accurate detection effect adapts to detect the fluorescence in baby products, cosmetics, living goods and identify the authenticity of paper money, alcohol and cigarette, etc. Powered by rechargeable built-in lithium polymer battery, economical and environmentally-friendly; set up with low power reminder, easy to know the remaining power; with fashionable appearance and light weight design, GL20 UV is your ideal choice for everyday carry, product detection and gifts.

  • LED:High-quality LEDs
  • Output:4 lm/ 60lm/ flashing/ 365 nm UV light
  • Runtime:14 h/ 1 h/ -/ 8 h
  • Battery:Rechargeable built-in Li-ion battery
  • Distance:7 m/ 23 m/ -/ -
  • Material:Appearance: ABS+TPR
  • Diameter:60.3 mm(Length) x 33 mm(Width) x 11.5 mm(Thickness)
  • Weight:17.5 g (with battery)
  • Impact Resistance:1 meter
  • Water Resistance:IPX4, 1 m Underwater