RAPDOM 戰術裝備模塊化板載背心 Tactical MOLLE Plate Carrier Vest

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RAPDOM 戰術裝備模塊化板載背心具有快速釋放系統,可以讓你在危急時候快速脫下背心。 這有助於在去污或接觸受傷的同伴時易於使用。 肩部和後部區域裝有3D網格填充物以確保氣流和舒適度,並覆蓋有重型M.O.L.L.E. 兼容的織帶,可進行彈性地添置個人化定制式的裝置。 前托架可以固定最大10.5“ x 14”的硬板甲或軟板甲,而背面最大可以固定10.5“ x 17”的板甲。 把手位設於上部背面,便於攜帶。
  • 材質:1000D Kodra耐水尼龍(1000D,100%尼龍,類似於1000D Cordura)
  • 可調式壓力帶
  • M.O.L.L.E. 兼容的重型織帶
  • 可內加置板甲
  • 軍事規格
  • 終身保修
  • 進口的
Rapdom Tactical MOLLE Plate Carrier vest features a quick-release system that allows the user to quickly exit the vest by pulling a release cable. This aids in ease of use during decontamination or access to a wounded comrade. The Releasable Armor Carrier incorporates a 3D mesh padding on the shoulder and back area for airflow and is covered in heavy M.O.L.L.E. compatible webbing for total customization. The front carrier may hold hard or soft plates up to 10.5" x 14" and the back up to 10.5" x 17". A grab handle is located on the upper backside for easy carrying.
  • Material: 1000D Kodra water-resistant nylon (1000 denier, 100% nylon, similar to 1000D Cordura)
  • Adjustable compression straps
  • M.O.L.L.E. Compatible heavy-duty webbing
  • Plate carrier
  • Military Specs
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Imported