RAPDOM 專業戰術手套 Tactical Pro Gloves

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Pro戰術手套除了具有堅硬指關節保護功能,手指上更設有泡沫保護。 網狀襯里和通風的手指使雙手保持涼爽。 手掌上使用合成皮革,以實現最大的耐用性,而矽膠指頭設計則提供了額外的抓地力。

  • 加固保護指關節,以牛皮覆蓋
  • 通風的手指和網狀襯裡可確保氣流和透氣性
  • 手指上的有加厚網狀保護
  • 皮革手掌部份,舒適耐用
  • 指頭用上矽膠,抓拿物件更牢固
  • 聚酯加厚襯裡
  • 橡膠袖口和加固拇指
  • 鉤環手腕封口,確保貼身安全
  • 皮革手腕封條
  • 終身保養
  • 可用溫水洗
The Pro Tactical Glove features hard knuckle protection and foam on the fingers. The hands are kept cool thanks to the mesh backing and ventilated fingers. Synthetic leather is used on the palm for maximum durability and silicon printing provides additional grip.

  • Injection-molded plastic knuckle covered with cowhide leather
  • Ventilated fingers and mesh backing allow for airflow & breathability
  • Foam protection on fingers
  • Synthetic leather palm for maximum durability
  • Silicon printing for additional grip
  • Polyester lining
  • Neoprene cuff & reinforced thumb
  • Hook & loop wrist closure for a secure fit
  • Wrist closure made of leather
  • Life-Time warranty
  • Hand wash with mild soap