RAPDOM Neoprene 戰術巡邏員手套 Tactical Neoprene Patrol Gloves

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  • Sarino合成皮革製成的手掌,提供堅固,輕巧,防水,不吸收汗水功能
  • 手套背面和袖口以2毫米Neoprene製成,提供舒適性和保護性,並具有防潮能力
  • 鉤環手腕扣確保貼身舒適
  • 掌側提供出色的防滑抓地力
  • 軍事規格
  • 用溫和的肥皂洗手

The Neoprene Patrol Glove is an excellent choice to wear in operations near or around water, due to the neoprene's ability to block moisture. The backside is made with 2 mm. neoprene which provides more comfort and protection than the typical 1.5 mm. Sarino is used for the palms because it is strong, light, water-resistant, does not absorb sweat, while offering an excellent non-slip grip.

  • Palm made of Sarino synthetic leather
  • Flexible 2 mm. neoprene on the backside of the glove
  • Neoprene cuff
  • Hook & loop wrist closure ensures a snug and comfortable fit
  • Palm-side offers an excellent non-slip grip
  • Neoprenes provides comfort and protection and the ability to block moisture
  • Military Specs
  • Hand washes with mild soap