ROTHCO 輕巧沙漠圍巾 Solid Lightweight Shemagh Desert Scarf

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類似於我們的其他輕型Shemagh圍巾,這條戰術圍巾的尺寸為42“ x42”,並且是100%棉。 圍巾是傳統的沙漠頭飾,旨在保護頭部和頸部免受陽光和沙子的侵蝕。 這些戰術圍巾在全世界的軍事人員中都可以穿著,也可以作為時尚配飾穿著。

Similar to our other lightweight Shemagh Scarfs, this tactical scarf measures 42"x42" and is a 100% cotton. The scarf is a traditional desert headwear that are designed to protect the head and neck from sun and sand. these tactical scarves are worn by military personnel worldwide and can also be worn as a fashion accessory.