NEXTORCH V6 手電筒夾 V6 Compatible Holster

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V6專為進行戰術培訓,值班和執法而設計,並且可以通過單手控制快速插入和釋放,以縮短戰術活動中的響應時間以搶占先機。 通過增加或減少皮套上的線圈匝數來簡化或精巧地擰緊或鬆開快速插拔的強度,以簡化應用。 V6還具有360°旋轉和雙開設計,可在腰部攜帶時實現免提多角度照明,從而滿足戰術訓練,任務和執法等方面的各種照明需求。

V6 is designed for carrying around in tactical training, duty and law enforcement, and wif quick plug and release by one-handed control, to shorten the response time in tactical activity for seizing the initiative. It’s for easier application to tighten or loosen the strength of quick plug and release by increasing or decreasing the number of coil turns on the holster, simple and ingenious. V6 also features 360° rotatable and double-open design for realizing hands-free multi-angle lighting when carried at the waist, to satisfy various lighting needs in tactical training, duty and law enforcement ,etc.