RAPDOM 重裝戰術手套 Heavy Duty Tactical Rappelling Gloves

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Rapdom 重裝戰術手套專為戰術操作,速降和快速收緊而設計。 手掌由絨面革製成,頂部飾有矽印花。 手套的背面具有優質的鼓染牛皮和泡沫填充物。 手指的頂部也用泡沫墊保護,但食指除外,該食指未填充,可最大程度地控制扳機。 Spectra Honeywell材料用於內襯以防止割傷
  • 背面由優質優質鼓染牛皮製成
  • 手指和手套背面的泡沫襯墊
  • 無填充食指,最大程度地控制觸發
  • 麂皮絨,手掌上印有矽印花,可增強抓地力
  • Spectra Honeywell 內襯可防止割傷
  • 鉤環手腕扣確保貼身舒適
  • 顏色:黑色
  • 終身保修
  • 進口的

The Heavy Duty Rappelling Tactical Glove is designed for tactical operations, rappelling and fast-roping. The palm is made of suede leather with silicon printing on the top. The backside of the glove features premium high quality drum dyed cowhide leather and foam padding. The top of the fingers are also protected with foam padding, except for the index finger, which is left unpadded for maximum trigger control. A Spectra Honeywell material is used for the inner lining to protect against cuts. We back our Heavy Duty Rappelling Tactical Gloves with a Lifetime warranty.


  • Backside made of premium high quality drum dyed cowhide leather
  • Foam padding on fingers and on the back of the glove
  • Unpadded index finger for maximum trigger control
  • Suede leather with silicon printing on the palm for extra grip
  • Spectra inner lining to resist cuts
  • Hook & loop wrist closure ensures a snug and comfortable fit
  • Colors: Black
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Imported